Our philosophy

Customer focus

Our solutions are designed user oriented to offer a simple usage to all users from novices to experts


All of our products and services exhibit top quality

Powerfull diagnostic

Our solutions are based on expertise from decades of experience in the diagnostic field of transmission media

High technology

We concentrate our efforts on delivering technologically advanced B2B products


Our research & development capabilities allow us to respond quickly and reliably to customer-specific requirements thanks to its mastering in all components and their standard northbound and southbound interfaces

Cost effective

With features well adapted to the needs, the price of components is very competitive and achieves very fast ROI. Deployment can also be achieved in stages to ensure smoothness in the time CAPEX.

Our solutions fullfill two kinds of issues

Testing and monitoring of networks by:

  • checking the quality and characteristics of cables,
  • measuring the quality of services,
  • facilitationg the deploypment of new services,
  • lowering the operating costs of networks.

Monitoring in real-time critical infrastructure by:

  • ensuring network integrity,
  • detecting intrusions,
  • giving a precise geolocation of events,
  • warning emergency services (police, maintenance teams...).

Our solutions are designed on

  • deployment of dedicated equipment placed near monitored cables on field,
  • centralized server providing equipment management and all interactions with users and Information System (databases, monitoring room),
  • standard interfaces (HTTPS, WebServices, SNMP, FTP...),
  • GUI are full web and have been devised tosimplify the life of users by allowing them to bring the power of our systems to the field.

Our solutions are fully developed internally

Vierling R&D team designs, develops and maintains all components for server and equipment:

  • Hardware,
  • Embedded software in charge of measurements (DSP, FPGA...),
  • Embedded software based on Linux environment in charge of I/O and high-level algorithms,
  • Java server (JEE) with cutting-edge technologies.


Optical Test & Diagnostic Unit (OTDU) use OTDR technology to monitor tens of fibers (with ou without traffic). It was designed from the beginning to be integrated into our system offering functions dedicated to management operations. This allows it to have a very attractive price with the performance required for supervision.


Maestro Test & Diagnostic Unit comes from the expertise of the R & D teams for almost 30 years in the area of the copper local loop test. It performs electric measurements and echometry (TDR) on copper pairs to provide a simple diagnostic and recognise elements (modem, NID...).

Golden Modem

Golden Modem allows to simulate the different uses if end users by combining an xDSL modem and a PC in a small box.