Monitoring core network up to DSLAM

Golden Modem (GM-EN2) are installed on a dedicated xDSL plot of a DSLAM and performed periodically scripts simulating end-user actions (connections, downloads, VoIP calls, watching TV...). Thresholds can be set up to generate alarms to warn in real-time maintenance teams.

  • Having, at any time, an overview of the quality of services of the whole network
  • Measuring the quality of services upto DSLAM
    • Permanently
    • In preventive or curative
    • Be notified by email / SMS in case of rupture or decrease the quality of service (configurable thresholds)
    • Provide statistical variations of the QoS over time
  • In case of customer complaint, identifying the problem
    • Upstream: network side (authentication server, gateways...)
    • Downstream: local loop side or terminal client installation
    • Information are available to third-party systems (NBI, by example for Maestro system)

Which services can be tested

  • Upon interrogation by server to GM-EN2
  • Resynchronization request or not
    • Checking the status of transmission
  • Condition and performance of the IP layer
    • Reading the IP configuration
    • ping, traceroute (packet loss, delay, routing)
    • DNS test
  • Condition and performance of services
    • FTP (access, rates…)
    • HTTP (access, rates…)
    • VoIP (access to the platform, call...)
    • IPTV (accessibility, zap time...)
  • Flexibility to test new services

Synthetic view of services

TV screen pixelated