We provide value-creating solutions to improve the performance and network quality while lowering operational costs

The main goal of our solutions is to provide a simple tool to our curstomers which allows them to ensure the best level of service to theirs customers. To achieve that, Vierling Communication offers systems with a humain readable status for the whole network or for a specific cable. All our systems are based on a centralized system managing equipment installed in the field closed to the cables. They provide automatic and simple diagnostic elaborated by equipment without humain action.

The French R&D teams of Vierling Communication develop and maintain all system components:
  • Hardware and embedded software.
  • Server software developped with cutting-edge technologies.

Our engineers are used to support customers in every step of the deployment of our systems and their integration into theirs Information Systems.
Our expertise is recognized and appreciated by our customers for customization of our solutions in order to stick as closely to their needs. Indeed, thanks to the conception of our servers (designed towards evolutivity) and our complete mastering of all components (HW/SW), R & D teams are considered as reactive and agile to offer the best solutions in a minimum of time.

All our equipment are manufactured in France.