Copper Cables Monitoring System

Growing threat of cable theft / damage

  • Detect / Inform / Locate in real time any fault
  • Detection of a theft of the monitored network
  • Possible estimation of missing length
  • Using a copper network to monitor sensible infrastructures

Ensuring the Quality of Service (QoS)

A simple and effective system for monitoring cables of a copper network

  • Geolocation of the detected problem
  • Interface to hypervisors
  • Alarm generation through email, SMS...
  • Accept low guaranteed service restoration time (SRT) in SLA

System functionalities

  • Viewing all monitored cables on a consolidating screen
    • The status of monitored cables
    • The status of MTDU
    • Start or stop the supervision of a cable or to a housing
    • Storing and historical alarms / events
    • Alarm with fault location
    • Storing reference characteristics of each pair vandalism and anomalies in real time, on event
  • Geolocate acts of vandalism and anomalies
  • Be warned, in real time, on event
  • Ability to display plots of monitored cables on a map

Measurements principles

  • Maestro system on know-how of copper measurements
  • FiberCare to build a ease of use system

Using our expertise from:

  • 8 inputs for 8 monitored cables: using one unused pair per cable (several tens of km depending on cable characteristics)
  • Setting up a specific beacon at the end of each monitored pair
  • Cyclic and permanent measurements on each monitored pair
  • Rise an alarm and report it on the web application
  • Geolocation of the event and display on cable routing (GIS, Google Map…)

System description

Server role

  • Control each MTDU for each declared cable
    • Sequence and launch tests
    • Get results
    • Compare results with references
    • In case of difference, generate an alarm and dispatch it (SMS, email...)
    • Refresh status of each monitored cables
  • Manage users
  • Manage monitoring status (start/stop) for each cable
  • Manage MTDU (status, download...)
  • Manage how alarms are dispatched

Beacon role

  • Ending of the monitored pair automatically recognized by the MTDU
  • Prevent false alarms due to presence of disturbers on phone network:
    • xDSL signals present per Crosstalk
    • Low voltages
  • Establish a reliable diagnostic

MTDU role

  • Perform measurements
  • Detect beacon
  • Establish a diagnostic